Business Focus, Inc. offers expert, affordable IT consulting services to help you achieve your short and long-term IT objectives. We pride ourselves in offering business IT services to organizations of any size. Our knowledgeable and professional staff is continuously exposed to new technologies, industry standards, and best practices, which we bring to your staff and projects. We are ready to tackle your IT endeavors.

Business/Systems Analysis

Our Business Analysts have a broad range of industry experience including, Health and Human Services, Finance, and Insurance.  We work with you during scoping discussions and change management to ensure continued alignment with your objectives and remain engaged in implementation.  BFI’s Business Analysis services provide a pragmatic and persistent interface between your business Stakeholders and IT teams throughout the project lifecycle.

Software Development/Engineering

Our software development Team is rock solid. Since 2008, BFI Software Developers have been solving Customer challenges with consistently high-quality software development services. Our Professional Development staff is diverse, with certified gurus in the latest technology trends, yet remaining versed in legacy environments.

QA/Testing/Customer Service/Help Desk

Business Focus Inc. has a long history of providing Customer Care services for a variety of service levels in the public and commercial sectors. Our skilled testers have years of hands-on experience in automated or manual environments using proven software testing tools.

Data Entry

BFI provides comprehensive and high-quality data entry and reconciliation services to clients. Our capable staff is able to tackle a diverse variety of data entry requirements even within short deadlines and complete them successfully per your specifications.

Data Analytics & Business Intelligence

Our Analysts can analyze and model your data sets to extract correlations, trends, and insights. We also take great care to understand the context of the data, your operations and needs – so that what you learn from your data is both meaningful and actionable.

Program/Project Management

Our certified Project Management Professionals (PMPs) can oversee and manage your project or program of projects throughout their duration, mitigating risks while maintaining tight control over scope, schedule, and budget. From developing the business case to the management of the design, planning, and execution phases, we make sure the project delivers the expected value.

Business Process Improvement

Our Process Improvement Consultants have a track record of providing a high degree of objectivity in assessing your current processes, identifying and prioritizing opportunities for process improvement, and designing and implementing business process improvement solutions.

Infrastructure & Operations

Our specialists can help design, implement, and operate stable and flexible IT infrastructure, delivering innovation and constant improvement. With BFI, you can meet increasing demands and improve the capabilities of your existing IT infrastructure by standardized, consolidated, and optimized service delivery.

For more information concerning our IT services or personnel, or to schedule a consultation with us, please call Business Focus, Inc. at 401-345-9099.

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